From His feet, let us go to them
Posted by on 12/13/2017

O You Wise Men and Wise Women

 When we started on this Journey of Prayer, and Intercession.

 Did we start off as Wise men as Wise women or Beggars begging in poverty? Or Were we brightly beckoned to the fire-light of Change? A Change where brokeness can't remain. Knowing that God has said our name, Like Moses from the Burning Bush it came. Wonder stirred us out of hiding. To know that when we Pray for

Nations, Cities, Our families can Change. We tasted the fire of revival in Answered Prayer and it has addicted us to this purpose of Global take-over It causes to shift from thinking small to standing tall, and giving God our Guts, Our all. 

It's In This place of Prayer We are offered the option fight or refrain,  be we despise the option of things remaining the same. We know that Justice is God's name. We are in demand of him, who comes to his children and we cry out day and night because we have gotten sight Luke 18:1-8 is our Portion. We are the Persistent. Because we had nothing and his gave us everything, why would we not believe this same love was for everyone and for Every Thing.  We come to Pray with Boldness ,we cry Get Justice from our adversaries.

We were meant to stare at scriptures, till our eyeballs are dry and blurry, digging in refusing the hurry. We've come to study the contours of our beloved's face. Dipping in like a bee, we embrace the tedious, the process of taking pollen from pages. This changes us from  Beggars begging offering reminisce but rather led to the anvil of obedience, this place of friendship with God to take the pain and hammer,  out Glory. Knowing that though seasons of heart sickness may come, We take his word and with it RUN.

So though  religion and flesh offers us  a good night of sleep, we come to God it's Him we Seek. We don't study scriptures to enlarge our mind

but we've Come to God with our Time. We are Branch, He is Vine.

We aren't destined to anxiety without end as Poverty keeps breaking in.

Living in The Honor of Our seat, we are those whose seat is  at his feet!

This Desire called prayer,  Communion, zeal, the flame of sleepless nights,

it's one of Holy madness taking flight. Sacred places Day and Night. His Dwelling Place Our only Sight.

We have forsaken the sand castles of men, the buildings of politicians. Looking for a City not built by men, we have joined with them the cloud of witnesses.

We are the Hebrews 11:40 company, we join those who have believed and we are the them, that makes it complete.

We want and only Desire him. Him who humbled himself to make known

Love so Vulnerable. How could we not ?, His Love has made us Whole.

We desire to know him and make him known. Rise Up O weary Soul, Rise up O Dry Bones. Take your Honored seat with Him. Stir your heart to Prayer again sit in intimacy with him and From his feet let us go to them. 


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