Whose gaze ?
Posted by on 09/20/2015

How does a mystic handle the ramble 

Dance in the passion that cost Freedom it's blood. Focus, his (God's) or Mine. Gaze his (God's) or Mine ? Both ?? I turn & he(God) is looking into the deep , loving the hidden nuances to the uninitiated. But he in not a foolish lover unaware of the clues. No he is the studious one on the very  beat of heart discerning & enjoying the soft & the plowing  of broken & the strong like a river refusing to stay in bank the demanding place of prayer that's rooted in knowing him. The pendulum 
swinging to this and that life and it's season ,this is all his. Mine catching him ,catching his breath at beauty's blossom his own ,budding from revelation's tender seed. my eyes turn to his heart like wind rejoices to grab my friend in his soul so he can leap into the fight. A neighbor that needs heaven's heavenly shove that holy ,joyful, frightening fierce dove. Mine as he steals the hearts of humanity graciously, all the the while waiting. I love him his eyes, my eyes lock I'm falling down the well of water 
found only in him a well he dug within and filled with him. These moments make me in love with God. If it's my gaze or his. Who knows where it begins. I am his. He is mine. 


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