Who can ?
Posted by roger on 10/11/2015

Who can articulate depth of heart, can you? 

Have you fallen into the  well of mercy while taking a sip to quench your thirst? Does a daily dose of prayer feel like a limit, leave you wanting ? Inwardly God you've dug a well ? Well ??? 

Drink and drink and drink till dozen of droughts are ended !!! Drink drink drink till withered branches are 

freshened !!! Drink drink drink till roots demand deep

Drink drink drink lose the right of speech, grope the glass of awe, let it be your water fall 

drink drink drink deny the daily diet of depression , see the river in the eyes of God

who can articulate the deep if they never drink


drink in from the eyes of kindness , the eyes of soft safety

that adores without wincing or wonder of failure but drink from eyes ,that listen

that formed you eyes,that know you


are you known in your deep place are you known in you missed stake  


oh oh these eyes, see and what a mystery that he'd stake his ground in you and me 

and us upon his  spirit breathe and bleed to restore humanity 

So since I long for deep I 

reach to him in need 

but I before I attempt to articulate the deep I'll sit down at The feast 

I'll sit right down at his feet and listen to the words he speaks to me


 drink drink drink it's all the world needs is the deep place, the deep trees the deep 

that breathes. This place of prayer will never be denied join the dance of I am yours you are mine 

join a revolution as those who are free to taste of God in reality!!!



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