In mundane and nearness
Posted by ROGER on 11/28/2016

 In Mundane and Nearness

Crushed or I feel I should be.
Weak, devotion.  A magic potion?
Early morning burning brought to a halt.
Jesus lay hold of head and heart and help me!!
Pilgrimage, beckon, and bark the future into my apathetic glance at current path and circumstance!
Direct me, into the frontal confrontation of dark belief that undermines my
gift divine, my fiery spine.  Attempting a whisper
that cynicism, that makes men noodles. Instead of men of stain and steel
Men of swing, men of stand, men that let wisdom
make their plan.  Help me understand to not let the sand drip, drip,
its waste but steady my pace in this race. For a crown I'll train, remain,
be insane to these thoughts that attempt to normalize me with the drip, drip, faucet of time's waste. Like a solider give me an about face.Press me into face to face.To trace, the lines of your image onto my soul.  Though it may have broken places in mundane and nearness you'll make me whole!!


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