This is your Love, Your Fame
Posted by Roger Joyner on 12/08/2011


the divine tension of prayer, moved by wounds into the deliverance of nations a people rise in their neediness for god’s face and end up

rebuilding the earth. the promise to abraham was his descendants would be a blessing to the earth, and all those of faith are of abraham.

here we limping patriarchs, building a ark for mankind. restoring the place of rest, it becoming our heart. the journey of purpose that leads to union.

all pointing back to union, to the garden, and God’s design matures into a bride whose mind is set on his radical lovingkindness that unending fount watering the earth. God seed blooms- the aroma of his lovesick victory, the trumpet sounds of his victory march- he has set a table for us in the midst of unending war- one day he will break enemy shields, burn chariots with jealousy and we will have our wedding feast. remember Oh mankind how he cares for the least- trumpet his coming rally the maimed tell the planet his name. on this i set my claim her burning brightly this is love, your fame.

you’ve won her, restored her, redeemed her, carried her, raised her, trained her, and out of her loins came and struck the death blow to pride’s reign

this is Love. Your Fame.


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