the wine cellar
Posted by roger on 10/26/2013

the wine cellar

October 26, 2009 at 3:21pm

The wrestle against,

Sadness, apathy,

The voice of God- the triumphant answer-

Jesus triumph over me, in all that you speak,

I’m alive

Grateful hearts triumph over complaint,

I’ll tear you down you mounting complaint,

You mtn. of complaint, for God is my strength,

And though he slay my dreams deep, my heart deep he keeps-

Covenant God,

I struggle through fear, I am pressing my ear to hear in the storm, his steadiness

Faithful in love, faithful in war, faithful to heal all that’s been tore

My heart his faithful ground, his love my faithful plow, he is always showing me how

Hope can’t disapoint cause this love ain’t no cheap love, it’s all love, pure love

His love, only love-

I can’t shovel past my weakness, can’t dig this well of deepness, have to learn to receive it- this love, his love-

Destiny came to water me, came with his bag O seed, said he would produce in me.

Sweet devotion he was longing,

to open her wine cellar of love,
kiss her lips ,of fragrance said .

I couldn’t mistake this,
I’d have to learn to receive this- eternity stills beckons me, past where I can see,
Lost in holy, holy

Kiss, Of Holy spirit and deep dependance leaned into his breast, to learn of frail emptiness and what he could do of this.

O such Destiny of dust he breathed upon.


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