the transaction of transformation
Posted by Roger on 02/08/2014

There is a place of being conformed into Christ-likeness, the seed of God's nature that has been sown into us,needs a greenhouse, a place of mutual transparency, a place

of the fresh bread of God's presence and voice from friends who have a lifestyle in pursuit of God.

The new heart and new conscience yearns to be clicking on all cylinders, their is nothing like what happens to

people who break through the shame of their human condition, and approach the throne of grace in togetherness. Those who know deeply, their intrintisic  need for God, and live hungry and humbly, not as orphans, but adopted into such royalty, the  proximity with the nobility of God's heart  transforms them into having the same attributes. Causing  The blooming of the seed of God's nature. This is the Church,The same fragrance of meekness, that has made Jesus famous.

This is what happened to Jesus and his disciples, David and his band of outcast warriors. This is what has happened and is happening  to me,

What do I mean? As a kid I grew up in a Church that when you came in on Sundays for the morning Worship time you could feel the warmth of hearts, humbled

by God's love. All of them so aware of God's rescue of them, the songs they sang were outflows of hearts, tears would stream down their faces- I knew ,This is where your heart gets Love no one told me that. I tasted it. I've been ruined.  Later when I decided to let pain dictate the course of my life. I went on a hunt, Scene after Scene, from the Gang scene, the Punk Rocker Scene, Hippie scene, Homosexual scene, none of this subcultures ever gave me what I tasted when I tasted Love. I wrote about that in one of my songs Jesus Freedom Revolution.What I tasted when I sang to God, what I tasted when I was around a people who knew they didn't have it all together. This love I found as a kid, nothing was like it..

Later in life being a part of a Prayer community that has been a set up, for this same kind of transformation.

We experienced it hands on Justice House of Prayer San Francisco, and in Some of the Prayer strikes that we have had the honor of helping to lead.When me and Gabrielle joined Jhop in San Francisco and began to help serve as leaders their it became quickly apparent if we we're to hit

the mark and fulfill our mission their in prayer we had to live as an authentic community. We all had to be transparent about depression and isolation,and anger our disapointments, our wild dreams, real about

our pride. For me and Gabrielle this was a quick learning curve as we had to figure out how to lead a community and to do this after being married for 6 months. Time after time we would rally for 

Our worship and prayer meetings to have to the Holy Spirit remind us, that we needed to know each other and hear one another's heart. The prayer meeting would be put on pause as we would go and grab coffee, go out and enjoy the city together and come back and talk about dreams that seemed impossible, but seemed so much more possible after praying and speaking life into each other. The presence of God became our joyful focus as well as transparency and the Glory of seeing each other fulfill what God had whispered into each of our hearts.

Their is a transaction of transformation that happens, when we with unveiled faces, look on the Beauty of God's love.A transaction that happens when we are vulnerable in God's presence with each other. A transaction that happens, when the one who led captivity captive to give gifts of men. Is invited into our fellowship and we are invited into seeing the captain of our Salvation lead the people in our community into glory. When we get to say the words he says, hug the way he does. Speak strong the way he does, that who we really are is in us and being formed. We as living stones are being transformed into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.  This is the place of the Church, this is what I long to be a part of and extend to others this same greenhouse, this same safe, messy, raw place that become a transaction of transformation.


The place and people who live in a measure of the reality that  He knows our frame, that we are but dust,clay pots that he sowed the treasure of himself into.

A people who in awe agree with Psalm 8 what is man that you are mindful of him. Not in a humility that is false, but a humility that sees the price

of Jesus' passion and is forever in awe of that Love and hungry to share it. Many, Many in the world are who we're made in God's image are waiting to be transformed,

by the seed being planted in their heart and a place for his nature to be nutured. They've been

 robbed of confidence,raped of innocence, lived with boundaries that have been blurred.

so many have had all hell break loose against them and hell has try to scrub that image of God off, has tried to break their spirits

by trying to satisfy the soul of a man, with a cup of poison, whether it is  one night of  sexual pleasure, looking like connection.

Ambition and the drive of looking successful, All the relational breakdowns, that cause loss of heart and confidence to leak out of day to day life.

the empty, the empty feeling, empty heart, empty connection, a soul that never seems to be able to be full,


The Church has something to offer, the intimate connection, with the humble people, who have done the deal,  who have drank their

fill of the emptiness of life. Thankful hearts that are postured to be in touch with the Father of Creation, who have had the transaction in their soul

where their spirits cry Abba.  Connected to the Father they are Awake and Alive hearted folks who are willing to bend down and write on the ground, like Jesus did with the woman caught in adultery. Where the world and shame has made a spectacle of

their vulnerabilty. that has made a show of their emptiness. Those who say with them All have sinned and fallen short and take them to the place, where their hearts can be washed, their souls can be healed, where the image of God can be restored. Where they can meet a Master who did not seek to master them like their idols did, Jesus, the God who became a man and lived and dined with them, a master who washes with the tender, fierce commitment.  Jesus said go to highways and the Byways and beckon them come, There is a great table set of the love of God. May we be those who offer the eternal seed and a greenhouse to grow in.


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