The root of the Contender
Posted by roger on 03/14/2012

Pioneering prayer has been the blazing focus of my heart since I gave my heart back to Jesus in 1998

I gave my heart back to Jesus as my church was reading a book by Lou Engle called digging the wells of Revival

They had gathered the old saints who had pioneered the church I had grown up in. It was a sign of what much of my life would look like

in the future. I was always stirred to prayer; the stories of it being the womb of epic outpourings of God's spirit resonated with my spirit and made me

A blazing torch of prayer-it set me all on fire, the stories of revival and intercessors!!! (Though at the time I didn't even know what an intercessor was) I would listen to Lou Engle pour his heart out in Cd's like Elijah revolution and Extreme Disciples it would provoke to screaming and groaning in prayer

 I would yell in prayer for a whole generation to experience salvation and turn back to God I would pray like a madman and leave my heart out there plowed my body would be so tired and eyes red and burning with lack of sleep and the sense of purpose and focus solidified at the same time I would pray until I was burnt out and then I would listen mike bickle and his cassette tape called praying the fire of love and it would reset my focus on intimacy and I would have my heart washed over in his burning affection in me


At these times the scripture came alive to me that God does not take delight in the legs of a man, but in those who hope in his mercy,

I would feel weak in my zeal and learn that human zeal has the weakness of being human, I would feel so shriveled and dried in my heart feeling barren in my ability to carry zeal and press for the breakthrough it was in one of these times I was questioning staying in Oroville plowing in prayer, I was hungry for a place that was established like Bethel in Redding or Ihop in Kansas City.

I was hungry to be a part of a community that had already been pioneered that already had a measure of the manifestation of God's spirit in their midst-


It was then that I was given a little book by Madame Guymon called Experiencing Prayer I remember reading it's pages and feeling Fire on my chest, heat that immersed me into silence, I didn't fully understand what was happening to me, but I began to experience inner prayer and the manifestation of God's presence that was dwelling deep inside.

In Hosea 2:14 he says that he would woo us away to the wilderness and from their he would give us our vineyards and we would know his as Husband and no longer master-

I began to experience the reality of God's spirit dwelling deep on my inside, I was wooed away by God into his presence and I began to experience his fiery presence and affection for me. It became my lifeline in the midst of weak human zeal, I found him drawing me deeply into himself. I found silence as my place of inner strength, where I gained a supernatural root of strength to contend in prayer. It has been 12 years for me of a steadfast focus on Revival and Prayer, so many times forgetting my need to fellowship w/his

Spirit. The Crisis of the times we live in, the urgency of the need for now breakthrough has at times in my immaturity caused me to focus on the strength of my own focus and swing

And then I find myself once again experiencing the reality of how weak human zeal is.

The root of the Contender is God's fiery affection, he said he set a table in the presence of our enemies in the Place of Pressing into Prayer and God's word to see a breakthrough, in the place of fixing our eyes on God in worship and routing the enemies of God in our Cities and Our Families and Nations, we have to sit down and enjoy his presence right in the middle of the opposition, this pause refocuses on his presence and becomes the very root of our true strength, a 3 minute pause and drink of God's presence in the demands of our day can refresh our hearts in ways that are unimaginable, it's ahhhh of a refreshing drink of the coldest purest water. That's the strength of the Contender's swing. Deep on our inside God has set a table of Communion.


Quote from Madame Guyon's Union w/God


“What is conversion? It is nothing more than turning from your created nature and returning to God who now resides at the center of your being. Your conversion is just a matter of

turning from Sin. Turning from sin to grace is certainly essential in salvation but it is not all that salvation involves. For it to be complete, conversion is not only turning from outward things but also a turning to the inmost portions of your being to that place where the Lord has come to reside. By moving to the inmost sanctuary again and again, you will finally become established in your conversion that it becomes natural even habitual, to live in the presence of the Lord. And where is God's presence? God’s presence is where he lodges… deep in your spirit. Now do not suppose that such a state is reached by exertion or by effort on your part. The only thing you are capable of doing is this; to withdraw yourself from external objects. In other words, the most you can do is turn inward. Yes you are cooperating with divine grace to that extent; therefore you should attempt to do so. Beyond that, nothing you have only to be firm in adhering to the God who is within you. Your Lord has a virtue of magnetic attraction. He draws you more and more powerfully to Himself. Your turning is because he is drawing you. There is a principle in nature. The center of anything exerts a powerful drawing force this principle is true in the spiritual realm as well as the natural. As soon as anything turns inward toward the center, then that thing begins picking up extensive momentum and will progress toward its center very rapidly. When your soul has been converted it attempts to turn back to its God. When you soul turns within to reunite with the Lord who is within, your soul is under the influence of this same law of natural tendencies. The soul falls gradually to its proper center without any force than the precious weight of Love. The more tranquil the soul remains, the more it is freed from an effort to propel it’s own self. The tranquil soul does not try to get to the center by it’s own efforts. The more rapidly and unobstructed the soul advances the more the center has full liberty to draw the soul. It is obvious
that you should give all your attention toward turning inward to the place of the Lord’s residence. Do not be discouraged by the fact that you might find this a difficult exercise in the beginning. Before very long abundant grace will come to you and this matter will become very easy. This is true is you are meekly withdrawing your heart from outward distractions and occupations and then returning to your center with affections full of tenderness and serenity. Now when your emotions and feelings are turbulent with anxiety and anger, then be assured that a general retreat inward toward the presence of God deadens those turbulent emotions. If you try any other way of opposing such emotions or feelings, you will succeed only in irritating them and not stilling them. Knowing that, your purpose is to pursue the inward life. This is the spring of all joy of the soul. This is the solid foundation of all spiritual progress. Your purpose is to pursue that life which dwells deep within your inward center”

Union With God by Madame Guyon


The inner life, has been a root of strength

On the siege walls of the Bound 4 Life movement

I have found a well of his presence while facing Abortion clinics across the nation.


While Planted In a community right in the middle of the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco

Where 12-15 of us gave our lives to daily contending Prayer for a Breakthrough of Revival in San Francisco and a jailbreak of Freedom for the Homosexual. The day-to-day pressing in and not seeing the Great outpouring promised caused weariness in my soul. The retreat and turning inward to the place of silence and returning to the center where God dwells deep inside gave strength to swing where I could again go to the evening prayer meeting and from the place of his presence plow in prayer again and again.


Someone had a dream in which they saw a Giant

And he would jump up and hit it in the head with a sledge hammer over and over, hundreds and thousands of times, finally the Giant fell and the Lord spoke to his spirit which blow was the one that made the Giant fall, then the Lord answered all of them.

 Here is some encouragement when we are living in the place of signing our zeal and life over to the purposes of God, to that thing that he spoke to our hearts, whether it is citywide transformation or the breaking of bondage off the entire homosexual community, we have to know and fellowship in the true reward.

The true reward is his presence and we carry it deeply on our insides. We would have fainted if we didn’t believe we would see the goodness of God in the land of the living, and if you are pressing with your whole heart, all your time, all your strength, loving God with your all in agreement with his purposes you can be weary if you forget he sat a table in presence of our enemies, in the presence of our pushing in prayer, in the presence of our warring,

there is a table of sweet communion, sit down this is the root of the contender.


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