Journal of the Clumsy Mystic
Posted by ROGER on 04/07/2020

As Passover approaches we are drawn as Prisoners of Hope into our only Stronghold, remembering that the Blood of his (Jesus’) covenant with us is enough to free the World  from the Waterless Pits. Repent, the Prophet Peter Proclaimed if they did God would send rain.

May we as nations repent and do the Same that God would send refreshing rain.May we sit down at the table of Union/Communion with great delight, pull out a chair invite,  our neighbor, our brother, our mother, in this way serve another.Let us Contemplate and deeply take in How God died for the sins of men and women. May we hide in Jesus' sacrifice, know that mourning only lasts for a night.

Repent, let us agree with the Prophet again that we may in nations receive the times of refreshing.The worker whose work has sent him home, the person locked up at home feeling like they are in quarantine alone, the parents learning again what it's like to REALLY have Kids. The Healthcare Providers, Doctors, Nurses all serving the sick, those experiencing loss and deep torment. We dear Brothers and Sisters are bound to this Hope found at the table Jesus prepared, this where Jesus is most intimately near.

May we in nations, and in our families see a great Turning. Let the messenger of the Covenant come quickly to purify you and me, that we offer to God our hearts rightly. Jesus we thank you for the table where we see the heart of God, where we look into the face and eyes of God, where we partake of the offered food and drink. Your Body and Your  Blood Let us Invite all to Come.Hurry go get the worried, the rich the poor, the bold, the crazies, the leaders and the babies, Beckon the brothers, One another Let us Come.

Bible references


Zechariah 9:11
Matthew 26:26-28
Luke 14:23
Acts 3:19


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