The Church& Hope for Humanity
Posted by Roger Joyner on 12/08/2011


the church, And it's hope for  humanity, the clay pots stewards of the mysteries of God-

the vessels overflowing so that that power may be known to be Of God and not us. Such humbling it is God that you would breathe into

dust and invite us into partnership to see the earth see the torch of faith, the bright light of Kingdom come, the

bright light of Love made known of identity restored to the dirt clods of humanity. You are so beautiful Jesus that you would entrust us with the message of love

of your love, this story that melts the coldest places, every dark place, every dark heart, every damp place,

you put this seed in us like a flower pot, forsake us you will not until she is in full bloom with all her fragrant beauty smelling like you. Jesus

hope of humanity planted deep in me, the seed that transforms everything. O Holy Gospel seed, plant it in the nation, teach us to broad cast, teach us to plow deep, to trumpet triumphantly find the weak and use them to speak, Jesus light the lamp make your father’s delight known, O revive the stones, indwelling

God triumph in us, selfless beauty moving missions again, eyes that have seen, eyes that have seen move the heart to take steps to places where courage is required, that the fire would spread out among us a people who drank eternal beauty, this bride will be made pretty taking life to the ugly calling them dark but lovely, giving everything because we’ve seen your arm revealed. you marred and despised in you we’ve seen light, sight motivates us to the masses to the unknown, the unreached, the simple, the place where accolades are few from men but  in intimacy with your pounding path, your pounding heartbeat- the stomps in your feet

we reach to the unreached we learn to preach because the deep hath laid hold of heart, so heart in hand to go and take our promised land, for the son of man, the holy lamb, I cry, i weep, i hear within the call to feed my sheep, and in my later days may i go where i don’t wanna go, but where you lead,O Jesus  open in me, a heart to see humanity, know the beauty of her king, O Jesus your life, stretch it out hands and feet you may you lead

you may lead.


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