the bread of a revolutionary
Posted by ROGER on 09/05/2017

Today I want to share a key that I have lived on for years, nothing in my life has brought enlightenment , fresh zeal and rapid heart renewal like this key. That Key is fasting, revolutionaries fast, they refuse to live on earthly bread alone. They only operate correctly when they hear the Voice of God. They follow him and no other. (John10:27)

Jesus said, "that man doesn't live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." (Matthew 4:4) Fasting is a posture of heart that unlocks hunger for the words that come from heaven. It is a revolutionary's bread. Why? Because you can't stare at the current state of affairs and be motivated by the injustice alone. We need weapons from Above, you need a mindset like Joshua when talking about the giants that occupied the Promise land he said "they shall be like bread" (Numbers14:9)

When their is an occupation of darkness, you need heaven's bread, you need hunger and heart passion and I've found nothing that humbles and stirs and postures me to have renewed zeal and fresh softening like what fasting produces inside of me. As a revolutionary we can't be found using unjust means to end injustice, we must, must live near the heart of Jesus. Fasting is a discipline that brings us near his heart and reminds us, that meekness and humility are far greater weapons than any activism we could ever do. As activists, we have to be soft hearted and not hardened and angry. Fasting helps to keep us in that place of meekness.

If you are in need of a fresh softening, in need of new wine, in need of becoming a container for what God wants to entrust a generation. Let your fast produce a fresh longing for Jesus. This type of fasting makes you a new wine-skin and a container for the time. You will have oil and wisdom and leadership for the time you live in.(Luke 5:34-38) I invite you to try fasting, start small, do a day, do a few days, set it aside, press repeat on a worship song that moves your heart, maybe create a playlist and let fasting and God's word, and silence , silence is profound way of prayer try it. Let this time of fasting and prayer be like water softening hardened soil. I use a journal as place that my heart can overflow onto, I just let my mind and affections flow in writing. that Is basically writing my prayers. Maybe go here download the Apostolic Prayers and instead of praying for the world, and for your city and your family or friends take time and pray Ephesians 1:17-19 and Ephesians 3:14-20 over yourself ask God to do this in your heart. Take a vacation from social media and the drive of life, take a vacation from food and drink and like Samuel posture yourself like a child and say God here I am speak to me.(1Samuel 3:9-11) I pray for you today that God would meet you with strength according to the riches of his Glory that the Holy Spirit would give you fresh legs to run the race his called you to and clarity to ponder the path in front of you. I believe you and I were created for revolution, let's see his Kingdom Come.

"The Prayer Activist"


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