San Francisco, A Divine Convergence
Posted by Roger on 03/31/2014

We are having a gathering this weekend in Novato, California called Open Gates

 It is being hosted in a Church that is known as being a historic well of an Outpouring of God's spirit we are rallying to what could be a divine

moment, It was 11 years ago on April 5th that the Call came into San Francisco I will never forget being a part of that gathering, It was so filled w/ the manifest presence and the atmosphere of Worship filled the stadium, I remember one of the leaders from the stage inviting the Holy Spirit to come and a real wind began to blow through the stadium.

 the Word that God gave the Call as a movement was every the Call went, God would establish his house of Prayer. Their are so many people in the bay Area who have committed themselves to day and night worship and prayer. It is a revolution and a contending worship movement that is a sign and a wonder in the earth.

 Their are divine moments and divine seasons, I have been praying for years that God would release strength upon those who are stewards of God's mysteries in the Bay Area that would be able to conceive and bring to birth that things that God has dreamed being born out the Bay Area. I am always moved by  these in the Bay Area who are the ones who are participants in the divine nature, I am always praying that they would be strong to bring to  pass what others have wrote off for San Francisco and the Bay.

 I had a dream, that I was with a Leader from the Convergence House of Prayer and we were in this massive river that I knew to be the throne room river as I was floating down it

I could see the Golden Gate bridge off in the distance, this leader began to tell me that many, many have been trying to take out the Golden Gate Bridge, But their

was a man who was doing a restoration project and he was taking pictures of the Golden gate bridge and because of his restoration project the Golden Gate was going to be saved.


I knew that this dream meant, that we are be carried by the river of God into a converging moment, and that the Man Christ Jesus himself has been doing a restoration project, and because of his restoration project the Golden Gate is going to be saved. San Francisco and the Bay Area is meant to be a Glory Gate for the state of California, I believe that God himself is carrying us on his river to this divine convergence to partner w/ his restoration project!!!!!


We are gathering with Houses of Prayer and our Burn furnaces from all across California to respond to God, and dream that God would Open this Gate of California. We long to be with our friends who have built a place for God to dwell in their cities, people who have been leaders of day and night prayer. Could it be that God would give us Ezekiel 44:4

Also He brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple; so I looked, and behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord; and I fell on my face.

that he would bring by way of the North Gate to see heaven invade California, to see strength given to those hoping in God for the Bay Area and San Francisco.


April 4th we are starting at 7pm dreaming that God would cause his glory to make us fall on our faces, in our simple response he would launch Glory into California, a state given a historic mandate of Revival. that from this night an explosion of worship, would fill our cities, and momentum would come from knowing a divine moment and posturing as those who run with a renewed heart and commitment to be those that create his dwelling place in the earth!!!!

April 5th We are remembering the Call and How God kissed the Bay Area with a mass assembling of his people,  with a wave of worship that was joyous like a father blessing his people, The Call San Francisco was so much like Zepaniah 3:17

"the Lord your God is in your midst mighty to save he will rejoice over you with singing he will shout over you with shouts of joy". We have the privilege of hearing from Lou Engle on the anniversary of the Call San Francisco.

  A man who has been a true Father  and who have given his life to Prayer for America. Maybe we are in another divine moment  for a massive gathering? I look forward to hearing his heart. I feel like this day is going to be historic for God establishing his House of Prayer in the bay Area and in San Francisco. the Word that the call got was everywhere the Call goes God would establish his House of Prayer. On Saturday we will be gathering w/ leaders of the Worship/Prayer movement who are carrying the flame in a day and night reality, maybe as we gather around his presence God will release a divine kiss, a kiss of unifying that causes a blessing to be released Like Psalm 133.


2 days of Gathering are set before us, I believe the Lord is bringing by way of the North Gate of California, that we would see the day that he invades the Bay Area and

releases something in San Francisco. Let's partner w/ God's restoration project for San Francisco and California and believe that as we do. We we're those who recognized the day of God's power and we're those who were  willing volunteers!!!!

Open Gates Convergence - April 4-5, 7PM

Lift up your heads, O gates! And be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Psalm 24:7.
The heartbeat of Open Gates is to gather the body of Christ from across the Bay Area and beyond for a strategic time of worship and prayer. It's time for the Golden Gate of the Golden state to open to the King of Glory as never before. Join us as we welcome Lou Engle, Sean Feucht, and others as we seek the Lord together.


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