reformers of the heart, the passionate intimates, the House of Prayer
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reformers of the heart, the passionate intimates, the House of Prayer

August 6, 2009 at 6:02pm

Friendship with the blazing intimates(as for the saints that are in the earth they are the excellent ones in whom is all my delight)

I love those who burn interiorely the passionates, the bright lights, the reformers, the people of the Heart- creating a temple in humanity- by loving Jesus greatly and there broken lives, there alabaster smears humanity with a fragrance that crushes death- devotion breaking the earth open, devotion breaking the hearts open, that which we seen, that which we handled, that we have tasted concerning the word of truth, the bread of Heaven, the living bread, of which the planet is starved for- ambition robs humanity of it’s destiny of intimacy- sex, money, power Babylon, babel’s tower, confused, not speaking the same language.

But these speak to the hunger of humanity, hunger brings unity
Here come the triumphant intimates, those who have surrended heart in hand- found the God who became a man, the promiseland-

The empty ones, filled to the brim, the knowledge of him, the transcendent one, the transforming light, let it shine on you, see you thru, the people who walked in darkness who saw, the passionate intimates, the king’s multicolored triumph, the king’s epistle, the rose among thistles, those that trumpet what they know, not just what they’ve been told, these passionate intimates the power of the Spirit, redemption has a face, We rise to take our place these are my favorite, the redeemed, those who lost there schemes, whose hearts are busting at the seams, the new wine of the king. We will Extol your love more then wine. May the whole world be lovesick drunk on romantic rain, God who became- man he did condescend- him- them

I love the firelight of those who burn on the inside, take courage, reformers of the heart, leaders of the desert lean, who hold hearts busting at the seams longing, you O hero’s will see the glorious return of the King, you who the world is not worthy, with love eternal torch carry, though he tarry- mankind will run, will come. In him was life and the Life was the Light of men. How can we be anything else but burning-

Hero’s, beggars, treasures, crown, fragrance of lives laid down- every tribe will come around- everywhere the gospel is preached they will tell the story of devotion. Keep praying, keep waiting, keep struggling and then resting, your treasure is not only in heaven, it is within- We will have union!!!


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