Rancho Cucamonga, scouting the land
Posted by Roger Joyner on 03/29/2014

I wanted to write and do a follow up post about what is happening in Rancho Cucamonga,

My friend Justin and I drove up to Rancho Cucamonga from Phoenix, We left Phoenix at 3 am on a red eyed run of scouting the land, taking a pulse of what was happening.

We were able to  spend a few days with friends in Rancho Cucamonga

We can feel the breath of God re-stirring a worship/prayer movement in the hearts. It's just a few of us, doesn't seem like it'll be that for long.

My friends in Rancho Cucamonga  carry

hunger and humility and ambition to see their city reached and become a landing strip of heaven.

About a year ago is when me and Gabrielle felt a like we were going to move and needed to pursue steps toward planting in Rancho Cucamonga. It was around that time that

we met w/  a lady who is like a mother to me and Gabrielle and she gave us a word.

She talked to me about planting a vineyard and felt like she needed to study how you go about it in the natural. She said you know the best time to plant is in

spring and  After you plant a vine,you need to do a massive amount of watering,

When she said that I knew it had  to do with a  

an season of extraordinary prayer and worship.

After sitting on this word for a year, I was suddenly stirred about the timing of that word,

what if we are to go and plant a prayer meeting and then do a 24 hour Burn. see

www.burn247.com ( 24 hours of Worship and Prayer) stay consistent in prayer and see what God would do?  We gathered this last thursday to have a simple prayer meeting

and it felt like God was striking a match to kindling.  It felt like something was established, a few people said, we will look back on this day and remember when we gathered to pray. time will tell but we are in faith. seemed like it divine timing and it just made sense, We talked about going from house to house to have a prayer meeting and just stirring the flame of our own hearts for prayer. Out of that maybe we would create a space for others to pray w/us but first just stir a core who are committed to prayer.  At this point Gabrielle and our family will still be living in  Phoenix, Arizona.  But I will be going up to join in for some of these prayer meetings.

It Seems like God has set the torch of prayer back in our midst and it is ours to steward, as weak as we are we know he is the one who both lights the

torch of prayer and gives us the grace to carry it.  A shout out to my friend Rob Jones who has carried a place of prayer in his home, I can't help but think that this stirring has to do with God's kiss on his heart and a response to his faithfulness in just saying yes to God.

April 5th The team is going to be gathering again not sure if it'll be in a home or at a Church. But we are stirred by Ezekiel 1:1

Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, on the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the River Chebar, that the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God.

I have a sense that just simply responding to what seems like an invitation to being caught up in a revelation of God. It could possibly release an invansion of revelation!!!!

More to come, join us as we pray that God gives us grace to carry a torch of Prayer, and dream for God's heart for Rancho Cucamonga.  About the move to Rancho Cucamonga we are in the process of saving money and praying that God gives us the right home for our family. We felt like it would be wisdom to have at least 3 months of our expenses covered before moving. Pray with us as well that God releases the provision of the right home for our family as well as the expenses covered!!!!!


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