Rancho Cucamonga
Posted by ROGER on 02/05/2014

Several years ago, I heard a prophecy from a lady named Stacey Campbell called Eyes and Wings. In it she prophesied that God was

releasing a container for the time, eyes to see and wings to get there. In my Spirit I always knew it was the Church. I have been rocked to the core of my being by this word

knowing that in reality their was a generation of those who were yet to taste and see God, a army of outcasts who had been

robbed of hope in this world, a army of passionates who had found their identity in scenes, from the gangster to the hardcore kid, to the

straight up drug addict they were handed from the beginning of life, a broken home, a confused understanding of boundaries, sexually

and physically a army of those that would give it all for a sense of love, community and outlet for their inward flame. these were to be

the kindling for the next revolution. Their hearts set ablaze with God's love manifested in Jesus' life on the earth, his death on

the cross, that if they got a true understanding of the meaning of the freedom that Jesus' offered they'd set the world ablaze and nothing and no

one could shut them down. I dream of being a part of a community, that would gather around that radical love that Jesus showed, that would live

as a humble people, because of knowing where we came from, and grow into a vibrant community that could be a safe place to encounter God's

presence in a commitment to day and night worship, authentic relationship with each other and a great focus on sharing the story of God's love through

Jesus.In Reality I believe the container for the time is God's church.

I have been waiting for the time that we would be released to pursue this dream and we believe that the time is now. Rancho Cucamonga, California

has been a place we have been many times to be together w/friends. Now it is a place we believe is meant to be our home and a place we pursue the planting of such a community, that I have dreamed about. The soil of Southern California is rich with revival history and we believe another chapter is in the making and we are invited into it. We have served as leaders and voices in the worship and prayer movement and feel his heart whispering to us, that this is a time to focus on creating community, developing outreach, taking the day and night worship and contending prayer and seeing a wineskin formed that could possibly be a container for the time. When we look at the disenfranchised our hearts yearn to see them come alive with hope and taste and see on the earth a taste of God's love and are transformed into leaders who bring change and restoration. So we spending a season of rest and refocus in Phoenix,Az.New Promise has been our church home here and a watering hole of God's presence and community. We are  staying with Gabrielle's parents as we are saving  money and are preparing to launch out again in this epic following of God's voice. Pray for us as some of this is new, faith is that and it involves risk and vulnerability. It involves courage, but to live in a lesser way isn't living. :) More info will be coming soon,

If you'd like to support us, and possibly feel a similar tug, maybe this is something we are meant to partner together in and we would love to hear from you.




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