Not a waste of Time
Posted by Roger Joyner on 09/12/2009

Not a waste of Time

September 12, 2009 at 1:48pm

My life is not a waste of time, I am yours and your are mine,

Help me know that I am a Bride, when a storm is ragin inside,

Teach me Lord how to fight, when I’m tormented by hell’s cruel lies,

I am yours and you are mine, we”ll sing this song till the end of Time.

This is not some nursery rhyme, your blood was shed you’ve won the fight-

Turn On the Lights, Search me On the Inside,

Don’t deny my flicker, passion groans I can’t get dimmer,

You are my Light, let me see the Favor in those eyes- I see the favor in those Eyes-

A Bon-Fire I will be once naked clothed in Holy,

The day we wed will come, strengthen legs and I will run,

With strength in legs I will run, till the day my bridegroom comes

Cuz None that wait will every be ashamed,


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