My Father's House
Posted by on 12/18/2017


Jesus is pictured in  Gospel of Matthew (Matthew 21:12-16) as a Madman filled with Zeal, when he sees his Father's house has became a place of merchandise. His heart enraged, that the common folk were being blocked by structure from Engaging with God in Prayer. A system had replaced communion, Religion that nasty form that has No Power. Religionists who had made connection to God, A racket the Priests who were meant to serve people to meet with God had become The racketeers. The religious fervor to follow form instead of coming to God was a Target of Jesus' reformation. He spoke and said you come to scriptures thinking in them, you'll find life but you never approach me (John 5:39-40)  In Matthew 23:13 He said you block the way for others because of your lack of hunger for God, your lack of humility in how you approach.

Often Religion  will set up a form, with lists of duties and ought too's, but when even the leaders can't adhere to the rules

Our Hyprocrisy is revealed.  People come in and try to do the Church duties and not experience a inner change but only opportunity to adhere to rules and stumble outside of God's presence and never make it in to encounter God. They encounter leaders who are not soft, but hardened by their own inability to follow the system. They don't go into God's presence and because they don't people stumble at the outer show of Religion. Then their is another form of Religion. We go in and encounter God and

Often we use our revelation as a place to draw others to us, they love hearing what we have heard from God. Revelation becomes a place in which we build our own platforms of Influence. We can define this as success.

But we are Priests! We are not meant to be those blockers that keep people out of the Church or draw them to ourselves.

As Stewards of the Mysteries of God, we are meant to be in Awe, and to invite others into the same Awe. As Priests we use revelation to invite others into hearing God for themselves.

We were meant to be Doorkeepers, because we have Gone into the Presence of God.Fallen on our faces, Revelation hitting us over and over again. We hit the deck weeping, we walk around like crippled men,  Weakened by the embrace of Pure Love. Invited to be  transformed, transparent because the glory has shone on us, revealing all his beauty and all our brokenness. Unveiled faces being changed, from Glory to Glory  (2 Corinthians 3:18) Like the  Elders in revelation 4 who respond with Song and Prayer, and Crowns tossed to the floor,  Living Creatures trumpet what they have Seen. HOLY, HOLY, HOLY 

Revelation , (seeing God) this is what will change a Nation.

Bolder and Bolder, Having entered the Holiest, People we will not waver because we have been to the glassy sea, we dwell with elders on our faces, our roots are in seeing God.  That Glory that is only Found in the Face of Jesus. That Glory that causes the destroyers of foundations, to become the rebuilders of Generations.



God wants to connect us to his Heart as a Father , He wants to be known as the God  who listens. We must introduce him to others. This place of prayer is profound. It's his House.


A few Years ago, my heart was broken, injured by my idea of success. I had come to A Jesus Culture Gathering, I was invited to pray on my friend Jake Hamiliton's CD

After we got there, I and another friend were told that we would actually just be there to pray but would not be recorded on the project. I was left feeling vulnerable to place of self-evaluation, here was my friend and his success beginning  to shine and where was mine?

Was Prayer and being an Intercessor an actual valid vocation? Was it profitable, does it actually change anything?  I was in a terribly, painful wrestle. But then God came to me in a Dream.


I had a dream, that I was in a house with about 30-40 people and in it their was an old Man. He had the Most Gentle Eyes, Everyone respected this man and wanted to be like Him. It wasn't how or what he spoke it was the manner in which he listened that set him apart and marked those around him.

They wanted to be with him and to be like him because of HOW he listened. I woke from the dream, I was weeping, even as I write this I am weeping remembering the Encounter. I was Praying God I don't know who that Old man is but God make me like him.

My Wife woke up because the bed was shuddering because of  how much I was shaking as I wept. I told her about the Dream and she said Roger do you know who that was? I said no She said Roger that was God the Father. 

That day after I wrestled with my success, the same day of the Dream Encounter. A Friend approached me and told me about another Dream that someone who was Part of the Jesus Culture team had, the Dream was about a Move of the Holy Spirit in my hometown. A move of the Holy Spirit I had prayed for another person was dreaming about, and I heard it just in time to convince about God’s Father heart.

I wept as I realized that Old Man, God the Father was listening.  God the Father,  Listens in a way that is different than any other His Eyes are filled with Gentleness.

The Father is not Harsh in How he sees our Circumstance, he doesn't misjudge our faithfulness, doesn't jump on us in our moment of weakness, doesn't esteem our painful seasons like we do. He sees through Gentleness. God is going to raise up Eliakim the Son of Hilkiah in our day(Isaiah 22:15-25)

Gone are the days when men raise up movements to create a monument to self. But we are Sons and Daughters who are connecting to our Father. Knowing our identity as Sons and Daughters and a Kingdom of Priests  all our inner issues are solved. We are not competitors with our brothers,who have to fight to make ourselves great, we’ve seen that The Father of Glory desires to Father us to carry his Glory, Instead of competing we are Sons who in security introduce our brothers to our Father’s Heart.

The Father is looking to place all the Glory of His House on Sons and Daughters who dwell securely in his presence, Sons and Daughters  who weep, and sing out of Revelation of His Beauty and Whose crowns are tossed down before him. Sons and Daughters  clothed in humility and planted Like Olive Plants  in his House.

Secured in The place where we continually learn of his love.  Sons Like This who live connected to the Father in Communion, Who dwell in the Father's House. There is a generation of Sons and Daughters crying for a Place to Dwell.(Isaiah 49:20)

We are these Priests, who say we'd rather be doorkeepers for another Generation to encounter God then build Monuments for ourselves. We are not cut-throat Ministry Moguls trying to create our empires.

Rather a Priesthood of Believers, We’ve found freedom , we join the Elders at the Glassy Sea, Our lives being a open invitation for others to do the same. Every nation, tribe and tongue giving Glory to one name.



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