Lil Kite
Posted by Roger Joyner on 12/08/2011


Little Kite

O Humanity-

You who bear his image, the image of God

So beaten and marred his dwelling,

But Eden still remains in his heart, you we’re made for nearness and beauty is your portion,

He will restore, the trumpet of his blessed redemption, those who are poor in spirit can hear it,

Emanuel doesn’t talk like the others he is Gods'

Words made flesh,

Our being   a disfigured  empty cup,

We've beaten, raped, stole the hearts of our children, our innocence  mixed,  mankind’s muddiness

We've been emptied by our emptiness, Holy Spirit

Fill us, O God,

The colors of nations, cry heal our broken

Places our desolations of many generation

O repairer of the breach, heal our need.

Plant in us the seed, may we receive make us meek-

The meekness of the masses the reaction of our homes burned in the fury of our pride,

We watch as our love dies,

Heal us on the inside, come possess your bride, don’t relent day or night till we have sight, the people in darkness need the brightness of the day that is truth, love that is gentle as a mother’s eyes, love’s jealousy that rips  this shade, this the pilgrims path back,the  Creator  will send your storms,

O humanity, Cry for God

O Immanuel , draw again

O arrows of truth be loosed upon us

Draw us away, till we once again know our name-

Delight in us O father of Lights

Be the father light, break the damp night,

The cold night, the stone night, the

Night that punches out our air,

O lil Kite remain in the wind, it’s no myth he will send his breath again.

And dust will rise as his image, our lungs filled

Read the scroll to me again and again King,

Till I see your words to humanity-


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