He set a table
Posted by roger on 08/27/2009

He set a table

August 27, 2009 at 5:55pm


Such Beauty in you,

Such deep love, loves us past our shallowness, speaks to the depth inside of us like a well that goes deeper and deeper you create in us with the way you call and draw, and I’ve simply never seen, never known anyone like you, and this psalmist, this poet, this goofball and husband, is humbled by the subject of your love, because it’s all that you are even in your jealousy, you burn so deeply ever so deeply, Jesus your love is free and I’ve never, never known any love that’s free, ever- and I mean ever- you put in me the love I offer you and I do it gladly because it didn’t come from me but that you would come me out of slavery into love this is amazing, amazing grace how sweet the sound not a lyric but the voice of my beloved crying come away with me, let me wash you clean, you held nothing back from me, in every drop you shed for me, this love is reality, it’s realer then anything-

How can I express words about a God whose name is the word Son of the father, living holy water, on my desert search you’ve satisfied my deepest need, thirst, all my founts are found in you, I the clumsy mystic bow to love once again- I will extol your love more then wine, lift this banner high, this life I did find- I am yours, you are mine, may my life testify


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