For those fathered by God
Posted by ROGER on 08/08/2017

For those fathered by God stop searching for fathers to wipe away stigma , the mark of a pioneer is on you I know that makes you feel odd.

For those fathered by God aren't orphans and won't bow to systems and a form
called religion.

Form without power beware, your systems are threatened and they won't last long.

Tombs can't contain the resurrected ones.

Those who have been ransomed from death.

Games are not their portion, but whole hearted pursuit of the only Love that has ever quenched their thirst. These will drink and drink and out of the innermost being will come water that will wash into the streets and give an opportunity for the most broken to meet God.

God comes to empty folk, and he fills them with fullness !!! These boast that this overflow of love, originates in Jesus and is available to all. These evangelists can't be bought cause they know love has paid for it all and it has possessed them to give away freely what they've received !!! Let this holy church arise, you fiery ones play your drums, let it's beat possess the streets for Jesus has made us clean , this love is free and freedom. This is Kingdom come, we've got the message let us Run!!!!


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