dwelling in delight,not driven by duty
Posted by ROGER on 04/24/2014

When I think about the things that my heart Burn for, the Cities, the Nation Awakening

I can find myself driven by the great duty of prayer the need of the hour , and not realize that the root resource that causes me to be able to dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness,

is found in delight in God, as I live in delight I find myself inheriting the Land. God would you help us in the Prayer movement that we would be those that

have roots in your delight. God chose us, to live in delight, the grand prize of it all is intimacy with God, Model and Method, can lead to measuring

result, and in measuring result it can lead to a condemned heart.

In John 15:7 We are promised fruit if we abide in him and his words abide in us. This is where Jesus promises to us, that the desires of our heart will come to pass!!!!!

God would you raise up a people who are dwelling in delight,not driven by duty. Psalm 37:4 says Delight in me and I will give you the desires of your heart.

Delight in me and I will cause your desires to come to pass, it in the place of Union with God and his heart.  When we are Dwelling in the Land, like  Isaac and Jacob heirs of the promise, it can be tedious, back breaking labor,I know I have cried out to God for the ending of Abortion, the breaking in of power for those that struggle with same sex attraction have cried and prayed for a sudden national awakening, I have dwelt in my home town with the promise that God gave me. Disconnected from Delighting in God,I have been burnt out at times, but I know that if we are planted by the refreshing stream I am not always abiding  there but I am on a journey. Jesus spoke to the woman who was at the well

drawing water, it is obvious that she was thirsty. But what he spoke to was her heart thirst, her desire for fulfillment and he saw the stream of a worship that she wanted to

partake of and here he was the very water of life shedding form and ritual, by coming to a woman at a well that was thirsty, he met her, the very water of life.

This woman, who know the hustle and striving of her soul and the pain and pressure that she had lived in as a lower class person searching seeking provision and

possibly love. Jesus broke in a moment the hustle, out of her mouth flowed a river of heart desire, they say worship here do this, do that, it was as if she was saying  I want to Worship!!!! and Jesus said the father is seeking worshipers.

 This is the true desire in the hearts of our city, our cities are full of those whose desire is to be a worshiper, they have seen the form and the ritual much like what

the woman at the well saw, but her heart cry was to worship. It is so important that we are living as those who are planted by the stream of God's living water. Abiding in his presence in the place of prayer, not just pounding the ground in zeal that is mainly muscle and not heart connect to God. If we give model and methods without a heart that is enjoying God I feel we end up, leaving people thirst whose hearts are longing for more then religion but to see a heart that is enjoying God.

Their is a river whose streams make glad a city, that day  when the woman at the well talked to Jesus she found and drank of the fount. of life and that day her whole city did as well, because of what she tasted.

This is what we can offer our city, a city that is made glad by us being connected to the reward of intimacy with God, as we delight ourselves in God, he takes joy in us, this becomes a river that waters our cities. It becomes a river, that gives us strength to dwell in the land, and to be fed by God's faithfulness, instead of freaking out about what hasn't happened we are joying in the daily victories he has given us. This gives us ability to dwell when not seeing the big dream of outpourings we are hoping for!!!!!

Often we are found contending in a disconnected way, disconnected from hope, the kind of hope that doesn't disappoint,

the like precious promises can become nightmares,but

if we abide and his words abide in us, we can ask whatever we wish and it will be done for us.

I am a man that lives to carry a spirit of intercession but I long that we would be rooted in God's great desire to perform what he promised

that we are those who have seen well. and know where to dwell.  So Dwell in the Land, that God has promised feed on his great love toward you and

his heart that says if earthly fathers give good gifts being evil how much more our Father who is in heaven, give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.

All this to say I think I found a nugget!!!!! We Cultivate faithfulness out of knowing God's delight, this roots you in his love and promises and as you delight in him, and abide he will give you whatever you ask of him.

the very desires of your heart!!!!!!!!!


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