Dreaming with Prophets or Shaking with Cowards
Posted by roger on 09/04/2013

I have no clue what to do I wrote,
In unbelief, fear stifling then I heard and then I believed

But encounter God, flow with the pen, be stirred within refuse to believe in a lack of his goodness and be bound by fear for I have heard the voice of one who calls things that are not as if they are,

God is my friend, and father and rather then bury the thing he has put inside of me, I long to be lit up with holy consecration, passion that separates, that focuses.a whole generation can turn back to God
this is how I am dreaming, and rather then scribble in fear, I love to dream with prophets, whose color and imagination puts color all over injustice and put muscles and life back into dry bones, that shouts I believe, to the dream in the distance, is counted with the madmen and the innovators. the catalyst, faith, mankind living on every word out of the mouth of God, the spirit of Prophecy that makes bones rattle, that looses mobilization among the poor in spirit until the masses are moving out of the valley of the shadow of death into the strength of ressurection . as for me also because of the blood of my covenant I will set your prisoners free from the waterless pit, because of the blood of Jesus, we can believe for the rain of revival, the breaking of the drought,

This dream of revival, of reviving, of life restored, this dream will see a nation rebuilt.

Arise of Cupbearers of the King, stewarding, stewarding, he is faithful to complete what he speaks!!!!


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