Day & Night Worship and Prayer Movement
Posted by Roger Joyner on 10/14/2011

There is a revolution that is brewing in the earth!!!! Jesus when speaking to a broken hearted woman weighed down by her thirst for intimacy. He said that the hour is coming and now is when the Father is looking for worshippers, those that will worship him in Spirit and Truth. The time of 30 minutes being the time allotted for being in worship is coming to an end!!! The radical fire of Jesus’ love is drawing an army of the most broken, most unlikely to him. Those that wasted their lives on empty things that could never satisfy are tasting of water that is alive, of God's presence as their potion and as much as they were addicted to drugs, and destructive lifestyles they are becoming addicted to the source of their creation. The fountain of love that they are finding in Jesus is making these

The people of overflow.  Those who can't stop worshipping and adoring because what they've always longed for, they have found in God!!! The Glory of God is seen in the face of Jesus and the God that bent low and took our frame who is calling people by their name speaking to them like the woman @ the well I know your pain, and I know the source of it's shame. He speaks to the thirst and removes the reproach of needing a drink and introduces her to the source that she seeks. This is happening thousands and millions of times, the bridegroom is calling I am yours, you are mine. Seeking the hearts so he can find, and plug them into his love the vine. The Day and Night worship thing not based on duty and ought too's but the scandal of grace, to look @ his face but a people who are a thirst that's what he speaks  & they rise and rise in prayer and worship day and night enjoying that blind eyes caught sight. Night can't hinder flame; they can't be held or tamed. Busting out of molds they overcame, a bottled new wine offered to the KING, based on the fruit of intimacy. Here come the broken, here comes the wave, he comes the army that He's named, get the table ready loose the victory shout get the boats a ready Praise for Jesus the great fisher of men who has caught the heart of humanity once again!!!!


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