Be Strong and Courageous
Posted by roger on 07/10/2013

Be Strong and Courageous

July 19, 2010 at 10:16pm

The nazirite zeal is one of supernatural faith, it is the conviction that blazes in their very being that God is the rewarder of those

who seek him, these vessels of honor thunder with a gift that is supernatural. faith,galvanizes the masses, moves the stotic and coldhearted,

their flame of passion, creates devotion to the unseen looses a conviction of things not seen.

we still believe in a national turning, in being altars of which the fire falls, a whole generation lampstands of a quality of devotion.

by faith Abel offered to God a more acceptable sacrifice then Cain, acceptable sacrifice comes from faith, O Nazirite your zeal is

not a dead one, not one of works but of a sailor who looks far off with his distant eye of land yet to come in view. One whose joyful cup

of sacrifice comes from the deep gulps of Jesus’ cup of passion and in this we are one, in this we mimic lives laid down whose crown is the earth knowing again the beauty of it’s maker.

nazirite arise with joyful heart, and head like flint a dreamer filled with holy spirit- nazirite arise with joyful conviction of the like precious faith, the one that demonstrates- with altars repaired with our lives we dare to call a people near we lift our voice America Hear

answer us O God answer God Of Fathers, let this be known there is a God upon a throne that has not like orphans left us alone , that this nation may know hearts that we’re stone can be soft and washed with the blood you’ve sown.


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