Awaken the Dawn
Posted by ROGERJOYNER on 10/08/2015

Awake , my Glory !!!! Awake lute and harp!

I will Awaken the dawn !!! Psalm 57:8 NKJV

It started as a comment from a teacher who talked about David wanting God in his back-yard and the place of continuous worship & prayer 
He talked about the tabernacle of David 
Which reminded me of another time sitting at a table with my friend Jeff he quoted Amos 9:11 & I felt fire strike my core as if an inner match had been struck I felt awakened 
Though I didn't understand it fully I yearned for the restoration of the tabernacle of David 
It's was 16 years ago when I first felt this drawing the year of 1999
The year heaven ransacked earth with God's longing for conversation & partnership 
Prayer movements exploded 24/7 prayer, the Call, International House of Prayer. 
After hearing this teacher speak about David's heart for the presence of God I began to ache for the same thing really it felt like a painful yearning 
I heard about how the monks of Ireland rallied in large huddles of hungry young men to pray & Sing the psalms night & day under the leadership of Comgull.
So many prayer meetings were starting and hearts stirred it felt like revolution. Reminds me of the line from the battle hymn of the republic.
I've seen him in the watch -fires of a hundred circling camps 
I watched prayer explode all around fire after fire in homes, churches!!!
I began to experiment and go after this goal of God's presence 
& a dwelling place for him
3 am I rose to pray the psalms aloud as many as I could before work later to find out I accidentally was 
praying the psalms At the same time historically   when monks would pray the psalms!! Dreaming 
I would be a part of  awakening  the dawn of a new day. A day when a generation would dwell in the presence of God. A day when the orphan & outcast would feast on love and become the most noble & loving because they made their home in love. What started as a name for coffee is restirring a journey & pilgimage  to the face of God a journey back into prayer.Maybe brutal 3ams with burning eyes & a cup of coffee & diving again into the psalms!! God put me/us on  a journey to see with our eyes ,you God captivate the heart of a whole generation. Arise  O Lord you and the Ark of your strength!! Make you habitation here for you have desired it. Behold the dwelling place of God is with men. With eyes freshly fixed a heart reawakened I wait. Awaken us God to your presence as our lot. Bring a generation in to experience this place and to live here. 


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