A Sack of Seed and Tears to Sow
Posted by ROGER on 09/24/2010

A sack of seed and tears to sow

September 24, 2010 at 5:19pm

I live among a generation called to the greatest revolution, I fear that I would sell my birthright for a bowl of soup, for the lesser pleasure of earthly comfort. the calling to trumpet the beauty of Jesus to the ends of the earth. The field being the heart of a people written off and abandoned that when they are found by his passion carry the flame of faith to the ends of the earth. it is true that all the families of the nations will turn and remember the Lord both rich and poor, noble and common.

though none are common when the destined carry his image, humanity’s purpose to know God will be awakened in a people. the deep groan, the cry son’s longing for purpose, the directionless finding the wind of the spirit blow them to where his wind carries. none can stop the common, none can stop the dust, the clay pots with treasure inside so much greater then the gleam of gold.

the army of passionates, the kids in the ghetto, whether the ghetto is there parents divorce or the abundance of possesion without affection, these will gain their voice in being found and no one will put out Love.

One they experience the real thing, once they taste the dew of the sacred the seeds within will explode as they find why they were knit together.

brotherhood of another realm, of a different age of a different time with different values, the ideals of the word made flesh and his blessed are those. the weary, the forgotten, the poor in Spirit, the ones that mourn, they will be filled those who long for injustice to be made right. these, the dust breathed into, humanity’s frame finding glory in being hidden in his name. Jesus’s crown. Oh Lord I long to lay my life down, beckon, violently knock down my walls, my religion of playacting, my fear crippling, endue me with your jealousy. Oh God may I not guard, may I not, may I not hoard the words you spoke to me. lead me shepherd, lead me to plant and water seeds, to give to those who need bread. Jesus the word’s you said Simon Peter do you Love me feed my Sheep?? reinstate me, past my fears and hypocrisy, renew in me a vision to sow seed. to see the glory in humanity’s destiny. Jesus I need you I am broken at my lack. give me a sack of seed and tears to sow,


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