San Francisco
Posted by ROGER on 04/20/2011

San Francisco

April 20, 2011 at 9:40pm

San Francisco


I recently was reawakened to a sense of faith and urgency to prayer for San Francisco. There were released again a series of prophetic words concerning Judgement on the city. Our team from JHOP San Francisco were dialoging over facebook concerning the words and seeking to hear from God what should be our posture and course of action if any. As we were in that season of seeking God. My wife and I were in a prayer meeting and while we were praying for San Francisco

our friend Kristene Dimarco’s(Mueller) version of Amazing Grace came on our play list and Gabrielle felt the Lord was asking her if she held those who attacked us in the Castro to account. She began to declare Lord I hold no account. Then she began to declare Mark 2:9-11 So that you know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sin, rise up and walk. She then began to cry out to God for a healing outpouring in the City of San Francisco, when we originally we’re praying about taking the leadership role of the Jhop Gabrielle had had a dream in which she saw a healing movement in San Francisco that was flowing into San Diego and Los Angeles she began to lay hold the word again that morning. The Mark 2:9-11 Word struck my heart and was to me a word of Faith for a open show of God’s power that would be a demonstration of God’s ability to Passover the sins of San Francisco and bring many into the kingdom and silence the voices of the religious. I am not calling all who have prophesied religious, it is religious however to pass judgement and not have our hearts stirred with faith in his heart for breakthrough. Some may not have that faith and prophesy out of faithlessness that is religious.


As a family Gabrielle and I decided that it would be the heart of the Lord that I would spend a season in San Francisco praying as well as laying hands on the Sick. We felt that Passover would be the time to declare his Passover the cleansing blood of Jesus that pays our debt of Sin. I wanted to write a encounter that I had with the Lord this

Afternoon. I was driving around the city wanting to have some alone time with Jesus and was going to go to my favorite monastery just to read and have some silence. I felt like the Lord said why don’t you go to the Aids memorial I have something for you, it felt like a invitation. He said I want you to weep with those who weep that is how you gain authority Roger. When I got there I just opened my Bible and it opened to the Plague that came upon Israel because of David’s census. My eyes fell on 1 Chron. 21:

Starting with verse 18. In it the plague breaks out and God has mercy and answers David at the threshing floor of the Jebusite, David is told by Gad the seer to go and build a altar. David goes to the threshing floor is is moved that God answered his prayer from there and declares that he is going to build God’s house on this place. As I sitting there my heart is plowed by the invitation from God that he wants to stop the plague of Aids and by releasing healing from San Francisco. That the place from where he stops the plague he will build his house. Lou at one time told Jesse and the original Jhop San Francisco team that they needed to contend for the healing of Aids that it would bring a breakthrough in the city. I believe this is going to be a

Key to San Francisco’s jailbreak. I then opened my bible unintentionally to Acts 4:29-30 it was almost like the Lord was inviting me into a desire of his heart. That we can hold him to his heart and word that he would continue to stretch out his hands and release his power and signs and wonders as we are faithful to declare his word. I believe that God wants to release a Passover again even now and a open show of his power. Many are running with the Judgement words over San Francisco and it is good to weigh them and be awakened to fresh repentance but we can never forget to power of him drinking the cup of wrath on behalf of humanity and extend our lives as intercessors on behalf of others. Let’s believe the heart of the Lord for San Francisco that he would reveal his arm and demonstrate the he has authority to forgive sins. I think that there is a invitation now from the Lord to contend for a outbreak of healing and signs and wonders and extreme deliverances that make the world stand in awe and humble the most religous.


Acts 4:29-30

And now, Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness, while you stretch out your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of your holy servant Jesus


San Francisco will be known in our generation as a place where God's power and tender mercy was revealed.

We will look and know that we have seen that he truly has revealed his Arm in the sight of all of the nations.



I wanna call you to faith and hope filled worship and prayer on behalf of this city. It is one of the places he is loosing demonstration. Find out what God is doing in your generation and give yourself to it. He is taking San Francisco.


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