About the Wishing Well Ep
Posted by Roger on 11/25/2015

 I wanted to write you and let you know about a EP that my friend Richy Clark from Radiant helped me to lay down.
It is a simple 4 track EP that came from the place of prayer and is my own testimony and heart cry for a release of evangelism.

It is really the start of a dream to take the songs and style,  and to loose them upon the world. The title track Wishing Well is a prophetic  song that came as we entered the studio and was a lot of fun to lay down

it carries freshness and soulfulness of the song, it's about people wasting their life, soul and being in the wishing well and introduces the man Jesus who paid the price for them to be truly fulfilled.

After listening to the song with a friend I  realized it's about the  Samaritan Woman who met Jesus at the well!!!! Many need to meet him at their own wishing wells, I pray it provokes you to prayer for those who are lost and spending Everything for what never satisfies.

Dumpster Diving was birthed from my early days of Salvation when I was handing out soup at a local Soul Food Restaurant with my homeless friend Charlie. He was a homeless alcoholic when I met him and the first time I witnessed Jesus moving into a heart!! Me and him would  take the leftover food from Sista's Soul Food.   We would use the ribs and throw bags of beans together some spices and pray like crazy that it'd be good and it was!! One of those days a man came in off the streets to get soup he was talking about the joys and finds he got in dumpster diving that week. I was grossed out honestly as he smiled, his toothless grin trying to convince of dumpster diving's merits. The Lord whispered to me afterwards would you dumpster dive for me son, I wept and said  of course Lord.
Listen Fathers and Mothers is my testimony to poetry it's a folk song in heart and though it's been changed and sang differently it feels like the theme of a Jesus Revolution!!! I know it's from heaven  and meant to be sang by the Masses!!!!

Warriors is a exhortation from God's heart.  I wrote from the Portland, Oregon county jail the Holy Spirit breathed it on me  in the months before the first Call gathering in DC in 1999. I believe you'll find in it that it carries the seed of that revolution. Like I said before this is just the start of my heart being uncorked and the flow being laid down my start of expressing musically I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to the revolution God originally called us to. I pray it strengthens your resolve their is a sweeping revival rain that is forming over the dry land no dam and no man can hinder its downpour!!!!!

Given to Prayer,
Roger Joyner

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