Joyner Family

Roger Joyner is a pioneer in the worship and prayer movement, his heart blazes to see a breakthrough of Revival and a carries a grace to impart zeal for intercession. He has been involved with the prayer movement since 1999. After a dramatic returning to the Lord he has been burning to see his generation saved and the dreams of the older generation made manifest. He articulates the groan inside a generation’s heart. He was a key leader in planting the first Justice House of Prayer in Washington, DC. He has led mobile prayer strikes and extended times of prayer and fasting to see cities invaded with the Kingdom of God. Roger is a sought after speaker who stokes the fire of faith in the hearts of many praying communities and churches.

Roger and Gabrielle also helped to lead a team of young people who we’re given to see transformation in San Francisco.

Gabrielle is a passionate lover of Jesus who carries a deep heart of devotion and helps impart a longing to know the deeper place in God.  She has been a part of the Prayer movement since 2003.

Roger and Gabrielle currently live in the beautiful small city of Live Oak in California  with their 5 year old daughter  Selah and their 2 Year old Daughter Kinsey. The are currently a part of the Leadership team of The Bridge of Yuba City, are so filled with Joy to run in revival with friends and are helping establishing a culture of day and night worship and prayer in the The Bridge and the region.

They are pouring their heart and lives into many regions in California, as well as traveling nationally to speak into the Worship/Prayer movement.

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